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Michal Dudek

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Graduating from Medical College of Massage (Cracow), allowed me to gain access and complete several internships within leading Health Care organisations such as the Cracow Rehabilitation Centre and Cracow Sports Facility. In the UK I worked at So Healthy Chiropractor Clinic (Bedford).

These placements further developed my massage experience. I had the opportunity to work with leading international sports personalities, who became repeat customers and giving me positive feedback on my massage, understanding of anatomy and thorough treatments.

In addition to my education in Sports, Deep Tissue and Swedish massage, I specialised in beauty therapy, completing several courses of Ayurveda and Oriental Massage to Diploma level. 

My prior experience allows me to provide a holistic approach. Combining my knowledge of treatments, including Oriental, have guided me in creating this amazing space where I can provide my guests with individualised service and an unforgettable experience.


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